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Stock Footage
by Coronet Instructional Films
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Excerpt From "Dating: Dos And Don'ts":
Topics: stock footage, standard 4:3, historic, 1949, teenagers, dating, asking for a date
Sci-Fi / Horror
by N/A
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Produced by the Highway Safety Foundation in 1964, this shocking film deals with a subject quite taboo for its time. The short serves as a dramatized warning, ending with graphic case studies. Unlike the driver's education films produced by the same company, this film was apparently issued for only a short time before being withdrawn. **CONTENT ADVISORY: Crime scene footage at end will upset some people**
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Topics: educational, social issues, criminal
Stock Footage
by Stillman Fires Collection; Tacoma Fire Department (Video) - Castle Films (Sound)
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In November, 1940, the newly completed Tacoma Narrows Bridge, opened barely four months before, swayed and collapsed in a 42 mile-per-hour wind. There were no casualties except a dog trapped in a car stranded on the bridge. A rescue was attempted (by the man with the pipe), but the frightened animal would not leave the car. The site was declared a National Historic Landmark to discourage relic seekers and salvage operations. This file is a composite of the good quality Internet Archive file and...
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Topics: stock footage, standard 4:3, historic, 1940, bridges, Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse, disaster